Greenwich council seeks £50m modular housing proposals

Greenwich council seeks £50m modular housing proposals

Greenwich Borough Council has asked offsite specialists to produce proposals on how a £50m modular housing plan could be delivered.

The local authority wants an offsite manufacturer to oversee the design, development, delivery and installation of new low-cost housing as part of regeneration plans in Greenwich.

A single firm will be awarded the contract to deliver the scheme, which the council said could last for 10 years.


House building made by pre fabricated parts

Modular means your home is being constructed in three dimensional boxes or “modules” at the factory. A modular home is built to the same local building codes (International Residential Code) as a stick-built home.

The materials are shipped to the factory where construction of your home BEGINS in the form of larger components. These components (modules) are transported to your home site where your contractor will permanently attach them to each other and to the foundation.